The Team

Hello and welcome! This is an introduction to our team currently at the Hull Scribbler.

Adam Clifton

Society President and acting Chief Editor

Hi! I’m Adam (he/him), I’m originally from Buckingham, and I’m in the second year of a PhD in Creative Writing. I did my BA in Creative Writing and Film Studies and my MA in English here at Hull, and I’m now in my eighth year of being a member of the English Society. As President, it is my job to guide the Society this year: giving the rest of the committee whatever support they need to perform their roles and helping to make it the best Society it can possibly be!

Faye Armstrong

Vice President, Secretary, and Editor

Hi, I’m Faye (she/her). I’m the Secretary and Vice President of the English Society; this is my second year as member. I’m originally from Manchester, I did my BA in English Literature at the University of Huddersfield, and I’m now in the second year of my part-time MA in English. I support Adam with the running of the Society as well as managing the administration and communication.

Levi Goodson

Editor and Social Secretary

Hi, I’m Levi (he/him). I’m doing an MA in English and my interests lie in genre fiction, such as fantasy and science fiction. I completed my BA in Linguistics in Manchester. My ultimate goal is to have a novel published and I joined the English Society to fully involve myself with working in a creative field. I love to read anything and everything, but my favourite author at the moment is Haruki Murakami.

Matthew Joseph


Hey everyone, I’m Matt (he/him). I’m an aspiring writer from Beverley currently studying a Masters in English. I loved my undergraduate degree in Creative Writing and English so much it was an easy decision to stay on. I’m pretty new to the English society but can’t recommend the society highly enough. I recently became an Editor for the society and am excited to help support student writers in developing their work.

Lilliana Pievaitis


Hi, my name is Lilliana (she/her) and I’m a second year English Literature student, and an Editor for the Hull Scribbler. I love reading people’s writing and I can’t wait to see the amazing submissions to come!

Amy Bilton


Amy (she/her) is studying for an MA in English at the University of Hull, focusing on creative writing. She enjoys reading and writing in a range of genres and has even written a full-length musical. A scientist by training, Amy has an undergraduate degree in Biology and an MPhil in Agriculture (though she struggles to keep any plants alive!) Her most recent job was at CERN in Switzerland, home of the famous Large Hadron Collider