Issue 6 (April 2020) – Journeys

We decided upon the theme of ‘Journeys’ for the sixth edition of Hull Scribbler as MA students reflecting on the journey we ourselves have undertaken over our years studying in Hull. We wanted people to explore journeys of all kinds: personal, physical or fictional. I am excited to feature all of these journeys and more in this year’s issue!

As it has transpired, 2020 held a very different journey in store for our final year and for the entire world. 2020 will be a time to look back on with pride at our responses both as individuals, and as a world-wide population. As lockdown placed us physically further apart than most of us have ever been, I feel it has also given an opportunity to find new ways of remaining in contact with those we love. Even this edition of Hull Scribbler has made the journey from a physical copy to an online edition!

I wish to thank all of those who have submitted their pieces, because of course without you, there would be no Scribbler. It has been a pleasure to experience these journeys even second-hand. I hope you, the reader, will enjoy the sixth edition of Hull Scribbler in its brand new format!

– CJ (Chief Editor for this edition).