Welcome to our team here at the Hull Scribbler!

Lydia Cutmore

Chief Editor


I’m currently an MA English Literature & Creative Writing student at Hull University. You can usually find me painting or reading – my favourite genres are Sci-Fi and Classics!

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Laura Skinner



I’m also studying the MA in English & Creative Writing at the University of Hull. My research interests include gender in contemporary fiction, postcolonial theory and the Gothic. I am currently planning my own YA dystopian novel.

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Adam Clifton


Hi there,

Between 2013 and 2019, I completed BA and MA degrees in Creative Writing at the University of Hull. After a year out, I finally managed to get my dream place on the PhD programme and begin my research into place and race in speculative fiction; literary depictions of slavery, the American Civil War and maritime history; and the tropes of the “white saviour narrative”. My interests lie in blends of fantasy, sci-fi, alt-history and historical fiction, and my favourite writers are Bernard Cornwell, Philip Pullman and J.R.R. Tolkien (one of whom I’ve met twice and another of whom shares my birthday!)

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1 comment on “Team

  1. Stephen Skinner

    Great work Scribblers.


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