Ben Wheldon

Photography: Laura Skinne

Batten down the hatches,

Turn lids to candlelight,

And shiver, till there is sleep.


Call memory from its must

And sigh at its many smiles.

The frown that settled the day

And tipped the balance over its heels.


Make peace with quiet,

The long-forgotten friend

Who one summer night

Was stood up for neon and glass.


Count the drops that April brings

To windows roofs and more,

Settle down in nook and cranny

And take heed of the noise.

Keep your eye to the lock.


Make peace with quiet,

Take to it and pray it doesn’t turn.

It stood by you at your bedside,

Take to it, now and with haste.


Batten down the hatches,

Turn lids to candlelight

And pine, till there comes the still,

With a basket full of sun

And a whisper of care.