Here at Hull Scribbler we’ve had some amazing people on our team over the years. This page is here to recognise their achievements and show what they’ve been up to since leaving us…

Adam Clifton

Acting Chief Editor, 2021-22; Editor, 2015-16, 2016-17, 2017-18, 2018-19 & 2020-21

Adam, originally from Buckingham, joined the English Society in 2013 and quickly became a mainstay. He was Treasurer in his second year, the year Scribbler was founded, and then had four consecutive years as an Editor, contributing numerous photographs to Issues 2, 3 and 4, as well as articles on City of Culture, the renaming of the Canham Turner building, and the Hessle Road murals. His first stint in the Society encompassed both his BA in Creative Writing and Film Studies and his part-time MA in English at Hull.

In 2020, he returned to the University for a PhD in Creative Writing, and promptly rejoined the Scribbler team, contributing the article ‘Larkin Under Lockdown’ and his first creative piece, the poem ‘Bowery’, to Issue 7: ‘Lockdown’ (along with more photographs). He became the Society’s 2021-22 President, overseeing our first full post-lockdown year and a huge upswing in activity. In lieu of an official Chief Editor, he adopted the role, overseeing the production of Issue 8: ‘Emergence’ – the first printed Scribbler in four years, the largest print run yet, and the biggest issue in our history. He contributed yet more photography, along with the poem ‘Midnights’ and a short mythos for Jórd – his fictional world. He is still with us in 2022-23, having reverted to Treasurer, and is working on a speculative fiction novel and a gamebook.

Faye Armstrong

Editor, 2021-22

Faye is originally from Manchester. She did a BA in English Literature at the University of Huddersfield, before joining the University of Hull in 2020 for a part-time MA in English. She joined the English Society and became Social Secretary in her first year, and contributed the piece ‘The Lockdown Diary 23.02.21’ to Issue 7: ‘Lockdown’. In 2021-22, Faye’s main role was Secretary/Vice President of the Society, and she played a huge role in building the Society up from its post-lockdown hangover; the Society owes Faye many thanks for this. Faye also contributed lots of photographs to Issue 8: ‘Emergence’, as well as some editorial input. She works at Wrecking Ball Music & Books, and has started a book club there. She plans to go into publishing.

Amy Bilton

Editor, 2021-22

Amy is another member of the Issue 8 team who was studying for an MA in English at the University during her time with us. A scientist by training, Amy joined us having already earned an undergraduate degree in Biology and an MPhil in Agriculture (though, amusingly, she noted that she ‘struggles to keep any plants alive’), and having recently worked at CERN in Switzerland (home of the famous Large Hadron Collider). Amy’s worldly nature was obvious to us from the outset, and is very much present in the writing she contributed to ‘Emergence’: the short play ‘The Truth’ and the poems ‘Sycamore’ and ‘Stars Over Geneva’. With these, she firmly proved that taking on a new challenge focusing on creative writing was firmly in her wheelhouse; in fact, not only does Amy enjoy reading and writing in a range of genres, but she has even written a full-length musical. Amy’s diligence and insight during editing were truly commendable: she didn’t just skim for obvious errors, but offered oodles of constructive feedback. It seems like Amy is capable of just about anything.

Levi Goodson

Editor, 2021-22

Levi also joined the University for an MA in English after completing studies elsewhere – in his case a BA in Linguistics in Manchester. Levi took on a role as Social Secretary alongside that of Editor in the 2021-22 year, showed that he is a master at bowling, and helped us make sense of this website (believe us, we didn’t have a clue how to edit it at first). Levi’s interests lie in genre fiction, such as fantasy and science fiction; he told us when he joined us that he loves to read anything and everything, but that his favourite author was Haruki Murakami. Levi’s ultimate goal is to have a novel published, and he joined the English Society to fully involve himself with working in a creative field. As an Editor for Issue 8: ‘Emergence’, Levi proved he is well suited to it, and he contributed a wonderful piece titled ‘The Spring Witch’ for good measure.

Matthew Murphy

Editor, 2021-22

Matt is an aspiring writer from Beverley who was also studying a master’s in English when he joined the Scribbler team; he said that he loved his undergraduate degree in Creative Writing and English so much that it was ‘an easy decision’ to stay on at the University. Though new to the Society when he became an editor, he said ‘I can’t recommend the Society highly enough’ and that he was ‘excited to help support student writers in developing their work.’ Matt was the only person other than Adam and Faye to join the Society’s 2021-22 committee during the traditional AGM season, and despite work commitments, distance and other constraints, Matt maintained a constant presence in the Society and on our team. He was a very supportive and conscientious Editor, and we’re happy for anyone who gets to work with him in future. With the MA behind him, Matt hopes to go on to become a professional author, with his book ideas written, published and hopefully enjoyed by many.

Have you worked on an issue of Hull Scribbler before? Tell us what you’ve done since leaving us, and we’ll put it on this page! Don’t forget to keep in touch and tell us how you’re doing!