Lilliana Pievaitis

I am a Hull born and bred aspiring writer, currently in my first year of studying English Literature at the University of Hull. The culture of Hull is one of my main inspirations and is something I definitely wish to portray within my future work!


Ali Cargill

Ali Cargill has previously published a novel for young adults, a study guide on ecocritical theory. She has also written online and print A-level resources for the education resource provider York Notes.

Ali worked with a brain-injured client to assist him in writing his memoir. She is currently in her third year as a Doctoral Researcher in Creative Writing with the University of Hull. Her thesis asks the question: how can memoir and other forms be appropriated for a novel which articulates a woman’s experience of grief?


Amy Sellers

Amy is an MA Creative Writing and English student. She is primarily a novelist, with a strong focus on YA, fantasy, sci-fi and horror. Her research interests include identity, mortality and gender roles in YA fantasy fiction. She also writes poetry for personal projects: ‘Unfixable’ was written just after the start of the first lockdown back in April


Steve Rudd

Born in Beverley, and brought up in Driffield, Steve started writing in his late teens, inspired by Paul Auster’s Moon Palace: still one of his favourite books. When he wasn’t submitting articles to music-oriented fanzines, he was hard at work on his own music-based publication,
Juxta, which Radio 1 DJ Steve Lamacq described as ‘an absolute riot of writing’.

Between 2005 and 2010, Steve spent much of his time travelling around Europe, Asia and North America. During this period, he was predominantly writing for online publications such as Travelmag. Steve’s first full-length travelogue, Pulse, was published by Valley Press in 2011. Currently residing in Cottingham, Steve is in his second year of a Creative Writing & English degree at Hull University.


Niamh Clarkson (She/Her)

I’m currently in my second year of English at the University of Hull, which has helped me focus and develop my literary passions: the depictions of female characters, psychology, and sexuality/gender identity.

I solely write poems for the moment, as I find them to be a quick and easy release of emotions or thought – hopefully I will create more fleshed out pieces in the future. For most of my work I am heavily inspired by my own sexuality, romantic relationships, and connections to nature. I also have a great desire to write as beautifully as Carol Ann Duffy and Jeanette Winterson, who are my two favourite writers.

At the end of last year, I decided to create a poetry Instagram (@niamhspoetry) which you can follow if you are interested in reading some of my other poems!


Faye Armstrong

I’m from Manchester and now live on the East Coast of Yorkshire.

I’m a reader of all genres but my academic literary interests sway towards the Medieval and Renaissance periods. I’m currently undertaking a part-time Masters in English Literature and Creative Writing, and I’d love a career in publishing after I graduate. I wrote my submission, ‘The Lockdown Diary 23.03.21’ as a reflection on my own thought process throughout lockdown!


Tara Drayton

For as long as I can remember, I have had a passion for the written word. However, science has been my other love; from our psychological blueprints and the creatures of the earth, to the stars that pour down upon us all, there is so much out there to offer inspiration. Thus, I often return to these sources as themes and motifs for my work, with one key question in mind: what defines our perceptions of ourselves among all this wonder?

Of course, the pandemic offered a literal – if, arguably, darker – manifestation of all of this, so it naturally set my pen to work and ever since, it hasn’t stopped. Page after page has been filled, experimental and artistic in equal measure, and I like to believe that I’ve grown as a person because of it.

So, it just goes to show that, even though we may have been locked down and kept apart for so long, there is a whole universe of creativity at our very fingertips, regardless of what form it may take. And now is as good a time as any to let it roam.


Oliver Harsley

I have a wide range of literary interests.

I love all things Gothic, and I also enjoy dystopian fiction as that was what I looked at for my BA English dissertation.

Overall, I’m inspired by different sorts of literary works and I think that’s absolutely perfect!


Ziallo Gogui

I am an MA Creative Writing student who loves to hear extraordinary stories because I believe in everyday miracles and the kindness of strangers.

I also don’t know what to do with myself now since I learned that a jar of Nutella is 56% sugar.

Send help!


Ben Wheldon


I’m Ben and I’m currently in my third year of study at Hull, reading English Literature.

My favourite writers include Lewis Carroll, James Thurber, and, most importantly, Buddy Holly. I wrote the short poem, ‘Lockdown’, last March following the announcement of the national lockdown.