Emergence – Our 2021/22 Theme

Before submissions open in January, we thought we would announce the theme for Issue 8 – Emergence.

This was intended as a contrasting follow-up to Issue 7, ’Lockdown’ but also covers a wide variety of topics. This issue will be released in the Spring of 2022 so this theme can cover the re-awakening that comes with that season.
We’ve also considered some of the other things ’emergence’ could symbolise, here are some of the examples we thought of:

  • Moving to a new place.
  • Taking on a new name or new pronouns.
  • Deciding to leaving something behind and move on to something else.
  • Starting a course at university.
  • Starting a new job.
  • Meeting new people.
  • Developing as a person.
  • Coming out.

The possibilities are endless and we at Hull Scribbler cannot wait to see what people create and see these flourish in Issue 8!

Submissions will officially open in January so keep a keen eye on our social media and this website for submission guidelines.

Any inquiries can be sent to our Facebook, Twitter, Instagram or Email


Just a little bit ‘About Us’:

We are a creative anthology, produced and published by students at the University of Hull. The Hull Scribbler is a safe space to showcase the talent of our peers – what we believe makes Hull University the amazing institution it is!

Two of our previous issues can be found online through this site – Issue 6 ’Journeys’ and Issue 7 ’Lockdown’.

Accepted submissions:

  • Prose, Fiction or Non-Fiction (of up to 1000 words, can be short stories that combined total this)
  • Poetry (up to 3 pieces)
  • Photography
  • Artwork (Any medium! Digital, oil paint, acrylic, chalk, the list goes on!)
  • Music (Either lyrics or lyrics/sheet music)
  • Musical performances – this is the first year these will be included, and can be submitted alongside the lyrics! We’d love to see the videos of your pieces performed, and since we are all online now, these can be included.
  • Plays (Limited to a few acts, these can also be performed!)

To submit, head over to our submissions page!

“I am always trying to ‘preserve’ things by getting other people to read what I have written, and feel what I felt.”

– Philip Larkin, Letters to Monica